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Online Dispensary Canada

Cannabis vs Marijuana As marijuana grows in popularity people are rethinking the term, claiming we should ditch “marijuana” because it’s racist, and instead, say “cannabis.” Individuals should say what they like, but this rule is too simplistic for such a complex drug. We should develop more, not fewer, words for what we need to say. Here at […]

Study says Millions Find Mail Order Cannabis Online

Results of a recent study by researchers at San Diego State University found that millions of people are potentially able to purchase illicit cannabis online and obtain cannabis via regular shipping options, including delivery through the U.S. Postal Service, commercial parcel carriers, and private couriers. While conducted in the United States, there are some strong parrallels that can be […]

Weed Canada Online – helps combat Canada’s massive opioid problem

In 2017, Canada broke a national record for the number of apparent opioid deaths, with those occurring between January and September surpassing the number of deaths from all of 2016. Opiods are a huge issue, but weed has seemingly come to the resuce, hence why we encourage Canadians to buy weed online. Read below to understand, […]

Rock Stars Entering Cannabis

KISS bass player Gene Simmons says he’s never smoked a joint in his life, but he’s now the global ambassador for a company that’s gearing up to sell recreational pot to Canadians. In fact, the 68-year-old rock star is the CEO at Vancouver-based Invictus MD Strategies Corp. That’s “chief evangelist officer,” the title Simmons gained in […]

Liberal caucus proposes decriminalization of illegal drug use, simple possession

The war on drugs may move to a new battlefield in Canada, if Liberal MPs get their way: the 2019 federal election campaign. They’re pushing the Trudeau government to go much further than legalizing recreational marijuana. In a priority resolution they hope will be adopted at the Liberals’ policy convention in April for inclusion in […]

14% of Canada’s population bought cannabis in 2017

canadian cannabis statistics

With the legalization of recreational cannabis less than six months away, Ottawa wants to get a clear picture of the industry in Canada. To that end, the national statistics agency, Statistics Canada, conducted a wide-ranging study that looked at the cannabis sector from 1961 to 2017, examining data such as consumption, domestic production, the size of the […]

Online Dispensary, shifting how Canadians consume marijuana

Legalization of recreational marijuana has altered the way people consume their weed.   Many believe the days of lighting & smoking joints and pulling bong rips are coming to an end.   Instead, they believe the future of marijuana consumption lies in the form of edibles, vaporizers and concentrates.   CBD products such as soaps, make-up and […]