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How to get 3.5 grams FREE on your first order

Add products to your cart, and the 3.5 grams will automatically be added as well! It is that simple, follow the steps at checkout and receive 3.5 grams with your order. Now you know how to get 3.5 grams free on your first order, head over to our FAQ if you have more questions, or […]

No Cannabis to be sold in BC liquor stores.

This article was created by CTV News, Laura Kane. When recreational marijuana is legalized in Canada this summer, British Columbians won’t be able to buy it along with a six-pack of beer. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth is set to unveil a suite of rules and regulations for legal cannabis in B.C. on Monday. Global News […]

Liberal caucus proposes decriminalization of illegal drug use, simple possession

The war on drugs may move to a new battlefield in Canada, if Liberal MPs get their way: the 2019 federal election campaign. They’re pushing the Trudeau government to go much further than legalizing recreational marijuana. In a priority resolution they hope will be adopted at the Liberals’ policy convention in April for inclusion in […]

14% of Canada’s population bought cannabis in 2017

canadian cannabis statistics

With the legalization of recreational cannabis less than six months away, Ottawa wants to get a clear picture of the industry in Canada. To that end, the national statistics agency, Statistics Canada, conducted a wide-ranging study that looked at the cannabis sector from 1961 to 2017, examining data such as consumption, domestic production, the size of the […]

Online Dispensary, shifting how Canadians consume marijuana

Legalization of recreational marijuana has altered the way people consume their weed.   Many believe the days of lighting & smoking joints and pulling bong rips are coming to an end.   Instead, they believe the future of marijuana consumption lies in the form of edibles, vaporizers and concentrates.   CBD products such as soaps, make-up and […]

Weed Control

Weed Control Canada

MJN Express, would like to say prior to this piece. Online dispensary Canada review, say that MJN Express is the, best online dispensary Canada. We ensure that our cannabis is the highest quality, with no pesticides, or chemicals of any nature used to produce our medical marijuana products. A former employee of Mettrum Ltd. Told […]

9 Best Weed Youtube Channels

Read this to see the best YouTube videos and channels, you didn’t know you were missing. We break down the best weed youtube channels because as a mail order marijuana company, we’ve seen them all. Read it until the end, you’ll be surprised! 9 Marijuana Man   Marijuana man enjoys smoking marijuana, as his name […]